Our studios are about more than just a filming space; we’re a creative team intent on providing our clients with a friendly and productive shooting experience. We’re continually trying to find new ways to improve our facilities and the way we look after our clients.
If you’ve visited our studios and worked with us before, and you have any suggestions to help us improve our service, please let us know,

So you don't find simple studios. We have all you need for a top production:
3 stages, 1 x big storage room, 1 x room for building decorations
5 x team rooms , 2 x make-up rooms, 7 x wardrobes
showers & toilets, free Lan in all team rooms, indoor parking space
indoor parking

dimensions STAGE 1: 161’ x 65,6’

height: 41'

acoustical insulation, building acoustically designed with tilt up concrete walls. directors control panels

3 phase power services each with four camlocks

mechanical smoke exhaust fans, fresh air exchange

stage 1

Stage 2 and Stage 3 dimensions: 98,4’ x 82’
height: 22 - 41'
Stage 2 is desgined for tv and movie production
Stage 3 mostly for photo shoots and television-work- acoustical insulation (only stage 3), fresh air exchange
- 3 phase power services , mechanical smoke exhaust fans
stage 2
For outside production we offer a modern camera truck. Inside you will find great digital stuff. Similar to the technical equipment in the stages. You will find JVC and Sony cameras, recording software Vegas and Avira. For analog fans we also have two beta-recorders.


JVC camera

post recording

The runway and the old B 747 are our tophighlights. You can also shoot inside the aircraft. We guess you have many ideas when you go out filming under the blue sky of Arizona. We have a studio truck what offers you all you need. Please remember the sun and the blue sky means heat. When you want to use your own camera equipment you should understand we can have here up to 100 °F often. - You can rent cameras and all grip equipment what is good for filming outside here. Just ask. - See you soon.
old boing 747