mapWhen you are in Arizona you can come here at nearly any time haveing a coffee with us and we talk about your plans. For that we have only one wish: Please call before, so you get the right person at the right time.
When you are outside Arizona a frist contact by e-mail is mostly the best. Just tell your plans and about your budget. I guess we find a way to get your dreams into reality.
The Red Rock Studios are easy to find. Red Rock is directly at the Innerstaate # 10. It is about 25 miles (41 km) from Tuscon. 92.5 miles (149 km) from Phoenix.
We have an airport pickup at Tuscon Airport (KTUS) for your actors and your production team. You can also visit us by aircraft (Pinal Airfield). Please ask for details. Red Rock Studios Inc. 20850 East Nona, Red Rock, AZ 85145, call +520 682 – 33 31

general-manager: George Ryder

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