The international child relief organization »DADO« was founded in 1984. It runs currently 10 children's homes in seven nations, as well as three education center. In Jan. 2022 »DADO« cares for over 8,300 children.

At the beginning StarRyder gave from it's company profit an annual donation. Today an airline and a transport company care for DADO's maximum budget.

Mahé Seychelles

George Ryder took over the honorary presidency of the child relief organization in spring 2011. At the beginning life in the homes was very bad. But step by step the situation turned into something good. Artists came and the first Rock band was founded, more social workers and new technical hardware came. The home in Jakarta moved to a nicer place near Manado. New homes where build in Sao Paulo, Darvin and the Seychelles. In 2016 former institution children took over the head of home position in many homes. For that they got a longer training.

Darvin, Austrialia

A big celebration in Spring 2016: Now every children's home have its own school. There are plans for a bigger qualification program. Every kid should get the chance to learn skills for a good job.

George Ryder built up the new education center in Miami, FL and made his company's premises available for an art school where institution children get an education in media professions.


By further generous donations the child relief organization was in Summer 2016 in a very good position. The mountain of debts of almost $ 34.000.000 was payed off completely within four and a half years.

Former institution children are hired in the management of the child relief organization. The bad news: After a longer time of illness George Ryder gave up the presidency on his birthday in August 2016. But the love of the kids was still to George Ryder. In Spring 2020 he turned back and managed the glory Dado trough the waves during Covid 19, when Dado partly lost all income. But this is not the time for George to give up.

Truly Father Robin Reef for Dado Childcare.

The webradio team and Boyband in 2013