Hey, my name is Marvin. I am responsible for all the staff, but I prefer the name crew manager. The job is not easy, because we have an European branch in Brindisi, Italy. The technical broadcast guys sitting in Los Angeles, CA and here in New York City. The shopping channels are in Brindisi, New York and L.A. Plus two shows from lovely Mahé – The Seychelles. So I have daily video conferences to speak with my staff eye in eye. Qualification is important for every job we offer. When you work here you are a worker not a friend, but we need a base to trust each together. There are no free jobs now, but when you think you are right for our staff just send a Mail to me. - yours MARVIN LADYBANK ZARENGER
N.B. It looks funny when I am wearing a suit, but for some jobs you should know when a suit is important for business. -

His I.Q. Is 130

Marvin [at]


Maybe you have the idea to take part in one of our casting shows. I say welcome, because I am not only the general-manager I am also the casting director. The reason is simple. I want to see what we get. I check normally every application and handle it to the producers. When the producer say »no« you can contact me for a second chance. - First of all you send an email where you tell me more about you and sending around two good pics of you. I give them to the producer. He is the one who call you. Some made an interview in person, other prefer a phone call (or video call). Well, hope to have you on board in one of our shows. - yours STEVEN BEXBACH, manager steven [at]