Today it is quite easy to make a good video. It is also less expensive when you shoot a short movie with friends. On Instagram and you tube are lots of good videos. I think some of the videos are from you – and what is the respond? Normally you get no money for your work and it takes often a lot of time to get 2,000 thumbs up. - What about putting your movie on a satellite channel. You have the chance to show your video to a very big audience. Free of charge and when commercials running you get 50% of the income. The only thing you should to is to contact one of the guys below. - Happy Shootings. - Yours Nelson Butler – free producer


When you are in North America please contact ARLO CONNOR

in Manhattan, near Broadway
11 West 30th Street, 10001 New York, NY

arlo [at] or sales [at]

call +212 725 4666

When you are in Europe please contact MARIO JAGGER

StarRyder Televisione S.p.A.

26 Via Colonne, 72100 Brindisi, BR, Italia

call ++39 0831 172 0489

rental [at]

When you are in other countries please contact CAMERON BALANGIR

in Los Angeles

6525 Sunset Blvd., 90028 Los Angeles,CA

sales [at]

call ++ 323 462 2625